Line Dance Problems

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3ofsw0rds: OMG, i love your "About the Author" page! you're cute! Question!, I've been wanting to learn Fishing In The Dark. Would it be burdensome to post a youtube link of the dances that you reference in your blogs? Some of the ones you reference (that i've never heard of) i end up searching for, and there's like 4 different ones. :-(

Haha, thanks!  The dance we do to Fishin’ in the Dark is called Flying Eights, and can be found here.  At my home bar we do this dance contra, and during her “hitch” portions we skip past eachother all the way across the floor.  When I’ve commented about the “other bar” not doing it contra and giving us trouble, it’s because they tend to dance in multiple lines and hitch rather than skip.  They also like to do it to some kind of weird fifties mashup tune which is much faster, so I can’t really blame them much.  (that is a blatant untruth, btw.  I blame.  I blame and I judge.)

Anyway, I try and list the dances and the songs in the tags, but feel free to shoot me a question whenever you’re not sure!  Especially with like, Copperhead Road.  Because there about ten dances to that and I usually say something about how one of them sucks donkey balls.  :P  Maybe I’ll also add another page with a list of all the instructional videos I can find, for reference.  :)

4:01 pm

when I’m not in the fucking mood

and bitches get in the way during fishin’ in the dark

move it or you’re going down.

June 7, 2012 7:13 pm

when that one girl decided it would be cute to fuck with me while I was dancing contra

and security came to warn me not to shoulder-check any more bitches on the dance floor, I was just like

June 6, 2012 5:43 am